Top 10 famous dishes in Luxembourg

Luxembourg - Source: US News&World Report

In spite of being a small country, Luxembourg is one of the largest financial centers in the world with a prime location and a unique culture.

1. Gromperekichelcher

Gromperekichelcher is a popular traditional dish of the people of Luxembourg, which is made in a simply processing with common ingredients such as potato, coriander and onion. Those materials are washed off and then crushed up in order to form it into flat round pancakes. It also is named as potato pancake. This cake is better to be tasted when it is hot.

Gromperekichelcher-  Photo: 10 Dieu Hay
Gromperekichelcher- Photo: 10 Dieu Hay

2. Rieslingspaschteit

Like many other traditional dishes of the people of Luxembourg, rieslingspaschteit is also popular with the people in this country. This cake is made from flour to create a crunchy crust mixed with pork and some wine, creating an attractive and unique taste and flavor. Rieslingspaschteit is rated as one of the most delicious specialties in Luxembourg.

3. Quetschentaart

This dish is loved by both the locals and international tourists. Quetschentaart is not complicated, it is simply a cake of plum jam with a layer of brown rice cake, crispy crispy crispy crispy bread with soft smooth texture made of jelly jam makes the sweet and sour pretty sweet.

Quetschentaart - Photo: Gourmet Scratch map
Quetschentaart – Photo: Gourmet Scratch map

4. Kachkeis

As a country influenced by European cuisine, it is not surprising that the cheese that is popular with the Luxembourgian people is called Kachkeis, also very popular here, soft cheese, sweet fat Served with bread or potatoes is delicious.

5. Great wine

Luxembourg with more than 42 km spread along the Moselle River, which produces famous wines such as Alsace sour white wine or Cremants effervescent, a wine not only people of Luxembourg but many places in the world. The world is popular as an an aperitif with extremely cheap prices. And if you love wines with added fruit flavors then it is not difficult to find them in this country with two main types: Veiner Nessliqueur – walnut aroma and Cassero – wine with many flavors of fruit.

Great wine of Luxembourg - Source: 10 Dieu Hay
Great wine of Luxembourg – Source: 10 Dieu Hay

6. Fried oxtail with foie gras

Under the influence of French cuisine, it is very normal to love and use goose liver in the way you prepare your dishes for Luxembourgians, but in your ingenuity, the people This place has created a fried cow tiger with a very unique and unique, but also familiar but very strange. The fat sweetness of goose liver with crispy crispy, tapered tail of the cow makes the food more interesting, this dish is often used as a pot for men and quickly became one of the dishes. It is certainly tempting to try in Luxembourg.

7. McDonald’s fast food brands

There is no denying the convenience and deliciousness of fast food items that are present all over the world and welcomed by the people of the countries warmly, and of course the people. Luxembourg, too, is one of the most popular brands loved by indigenous people and is considered indispensable in the cuisine as well as in our meals as McDonald’s fast food such as Pizza Hut, Hamberger or These cake and water combo are very unique. The special and ingenious of McDonald’s is that it does not mold the recipes mechanically but for every country in the world to match the taste of the people they have a different way of processing. So even though it is the same pizza, but certainly when eating in Luxembourg you will still feel the taste is completely different.

McDonald's fast food brands
McDonald’s fast food brands

8. Starbucks

Starbucks is the biggest coffee brand in the world and is especially welcome in Luxembourg. The aromatic, not so bitter aroma of coffee is a great experience for the locals.

9. Beer

Not only a famous wine-producing country, but in Luxembourg there are many brewers, regardless of the beer brewers, there are also five brands of beer used in the world as Mousel, Battin, Diekirch, Bofferding and Simon. The beer here is rich in color and has a beautiful yellow color.

Luxembourg beer
Luxembourg beer

10. Juddma Gaardebounen

Juddma Gaardebounen is also one of the traditional and well-known dishes of the people of Luxembourg, which is a perfect combination of pork and beansteal together to create a snack. The sweet taste of the meat in the smell of fresh, sweet bean, cool of bean delicious. It is also considered one of the most popular dishes in Luxembourg.

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