Travelling Experiences In Sumatra Island, Indonesia

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Being one of Indonesia’s largest islands, Sumatra Island is the ideal place for travelers to find the tranquility of the wild nature.

1. Overviews of Sumatra Island

Being not as crowded as Java Island or Bali Island, Sumatra Island attracts visitors due to its inherent tranquility and this island will be a great getaway for travelers on the Indonesian trip. Sumatra Island owns the white sand beaches covering with full of sunshight, rich flora and fauna, majestic rivers and long history, therefore, coming to Sumatra, travelers  will feel like losing in the miniature Africa because of its numerous dense jungles and rare animals. A trek through the forest will be great choice for travelers to gain a lot of experience on this beautiful and charming island. Plane is the best way to get to Sumatra Island. There are modern airports available in this island, linked to major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Penang and Singapore.

2. History of Sumatra Island

The first major kingdom that selected Sumatra as its capital was the reign of King Vijava. It is also the first Hindu state in Indonesia in the seventh century. In the 10th century, the Arabs established their dynasty in Achin This is Aceh. By the 14th century, the power of Vijava weakened and Sumatra was under the control of the Javanese. By the 17th century the Dutch began to control the island. In World War II, Sumatran was home to Japanese troops. When Indians gained independence in 1949 Sumatra became part of Indonesia.

3. Appropriate time to visit Sumatra Island

Sumatra is a place where there is quite special weather of Indonesia tourism. Due to the position above the equator and divided equally, Sumatra is divided into two distinct regions. In the north of the equator from October to April is the rainy season, May to dry season is from May to September. In the south of the equator, the rainy season occurs from December to February. September, October are the best time to travel to Sumatra, as it is the beginning of the rainy season.

4. Sumatra tourist attractions

  • Medan: This city is the capital of Sumatra Island. From this city, travelers can reach to many other tourist destinations of Sumatra. Since it was a Dutch colony, many of the works built there have influenced the Dutch style. Visitors can visit several highlights in the city such as: Istana Maimun Masij Raya, Indonesia Construction Bank, Supreme Court, Military Museum Bukit Barisan, Museum of Negeri Sultan Provinsi Utara- where visitors will learn about the different aspects (history, geography, culture) of this region.  Moreover,  Manimun Palace is also an interesting place to take a visit. The palace built by a Dutch architect in the late nineteenth century, includes many historical legacy.
  • Berastagi: Located in the Karo plateau about 70 km from Medan, Berastagi is a beautiful town surrounded by two volcanos – the Sinabung-Gunung and Gunung Sibayak volcanoes. The town is famous for its fruits, vegetables and fruits. Mount Sibayak, Mikie Funland, Gundaling Hill, Berastagi Fruit Market, Hot Spring Pesona Sibayak, lau Debuk-Debuk Hot Springs are highlights of Berastagi tourism.
  • Toba Lake: Located about 170 km from Meda, Toba Lake is rated as one of Indonesia’s most beautiful lakes. Toba Lake was created after the volcanic eruption – a natural disaster. Being not only large in area, Toba Lake is 450m in deep. This is also considered as the largest lake in the world. Situated in the middle of the immense Toba lake, Samosir Island is a great night spot with many interesting activities.

    Toba Lake _ Source: Phuotvivu
    Toba Lake _ Source: Phuotvivu
  • Aceh: Situated in the north of Sumatra, Aceh is a special area of Indonesia. Coming to Aceh, visitors can visit several sites such as Gunung Leuser National Park, beaches, wildlife rehabilitation centers.
  • Shopping in Sumatra island

Jln Jend A Yani is one of the most popular shopping centers in Medan. There are a lot of souvenir shops and art shops available in this center. Some products can be bought as gifts such as paintings, antiques, batik, statues and carvings, hand-woven cloth and accessories made of shell, buffalo horns.

A number of travel information in Sumatra Island shared above is expected to be helpful for travelers to have a truly memorable trip on this beautiful island.

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