Top well-known dishes in Australia

Lamb - Source: Kangarrifictours

Australia is famous for its sun-drenched beaches, the people are extremely cute, and the food is delicious and diverse. Australian cuisine is renowned for its harmonious blend of different cultures but still retains its distinctiveness. Coming to this beautiful country, travelers do not forget to enjoy these best known Australian foods in below:

1.Lamington cake

The Lamington cake is very popular and popular in Australia. These baked goods are sold all over Australia from restaurants, supermarkets to the most popular pubs and visitors can easily find this type of cake. It is popular and popular with Australians. Since 2006, July 21 has been chosen as National Lamington Day.

Lamington cake - Source: Taste
Lamington cake – Source: Taste


Tasmaia is a very special baked dish made using a very old Australian recipe. This dish is not only famous in Australia but also makes many chefs in the world have to be confused because of its delicious, attractive without knowing the formula and how to process. Tasmanian cuisine has also been tried by many cooks in other countries but can never taste and taste like Tasmania in Australia.

3. Hamburger

When it comes to Hamburger, people will think more about America, or at least Germany. But the hamburger with a slice of sweet and sour slightly bitter taste of the Australian people always have a unique taste but only when you eat here to feel completely.

Hamburger - Source: Toriavey
Hamburger – Source: Toriavey

4. Grilled kangura

As a special antelope that is unique to Australia, Kangura is a specialty dish only in Australia. Kangaroo has a lot of good health nutrients and it is used to prepare a variety of different dishes such as steamed, boiled, fried but the most delicious grilled rats are grilled. Simple, the most special point is to prepare sauces dedicated to marinated meat. This sauce is refined following the herbal formulation of Australian herbs. After marinating the meat is done bean skewers and grilled on charcoal. The Kanguru Barbecue is one of Australia’s most popular dishes.

5. Bush Tucker

Bush Tucker is a very impressive dish that not everyone can eat and process. It is a traditional food and also represents the cuisine of indigenous Australians. This dish is quite special because it is made from herbs typical of hunting animals as well as insects, insects and pupae. This dish is only suitable for those who have a liberal palate and are processed by the native chef himself to enjoy. Although it sounds ghê but this is really the most impressive and attractive dish in Australia.

Bush Tucker - Photo: 10 Dieu Hay
Bush Tucker – Photo: 10 Dieu Hay

6. BBQ

BBQ is a common name for crispy crispy crisps, delicious in Australia, where people are baked from meat, sausages to vegetables in a very beautiful and airy space. You can easily see the image of people sitting BBQ in Australia’s park, these places are often cared for and kept clean, even firewood is not missing, and chilled meat is always available.

7. Australian wine

When it comes to wine, besides France, Italy people do not forget to mention Australia. Australian wines are made using a secret recipe that is passed down from generation to generation, so it is very subtle and pure. The growing of grapes and the production of wine has been around since ancient European explorers discovered it. Nowadays, wine production in Australia brings to this country a small profit and more and more users in the world prefer the wine of kangaroo country.

Australian wine - Photo: iwealthpro
Australian wine – Photo: iwealthpro

8. Grilled Australian crocodile

All crocodile dishes, especially grilled crocodile meat, are a unique and exotic dish enjoyed by many visitors to this country. Crocodile tail is the most delicious and attractive meat, and is also the most nutritious meat, so it is also the highest cost when purchased for use as a dish. Crocodile meat will be cleaned and then marinated with some extra ingredients such as olive oil, garlic lemon, pepper for several hours to crocodile meat to infiltrate and then to bake. Pure white crocodile meat along with ecstatic aroma and its toughness bring a strange feeling. And what’s more delicious when enjoying this dish while still hot.

9. Australia beef

As a meat of great taste and exported to many countries around the world, Australian beef is extremely famous for the sweetness of the meat when it comes to the preparation of the dish which will be completely different from other beef. Australian beef is often used to make beef steak, black beef or black beef casserole.

Australian beef - Source: VietNamNet
Australian beef – Source: VietNamNet

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