Top 10 best-selling dishes in Sweden

Kanelbullar - Source: mittkok.expressen

Sweden is a landlocked country that not only attracts tourists by a beautiful natural painting and unique architecture but also attracts by a unique culinary background. The cuisine here is made entirely of natural ingredients, very familiar with everyday life but the ingenious combination of ingredients has created some of the most famous dishes in Sweden.

Salted herring fish

Salted herring fish - Source: timeoutvietnam
Salted herring fish – Source: timeoutvietnam

Salted herring fish, also known as rotten herring, is a popular Swedish dish. Herring is a nutrient-rich dish made entirely of natural ingredients according to a recipe. special. However, this dish has a slightly unpleasant smell so it is very picky eaters, however overcome the difficulty of “smell” you will find this dish very attractive. The salted herring usually served with bread, boiled potatoes and added with Akavit or beer are extremely palatable. This is one dish that should not be missed in Sweden.

Gingerbreads and biscuits

Gingerbreads and biscuits are the two most popular and featured cakes used during the Swedish Christmas holidays. This cake is not only enjoyed by children, but also by the adults who are very fond of it. The special attraction of these two dishes is the layer of turmeric powder on the cake to form a beautiful yellow color, attractive, and some grains of raisins in the center of the cake.


Kanelbullar - Source: mittkok.expressen
Kanelbullar – Source: mittkok.expressen

Kanelbullar is a special type of dumplings in Sweden when it has a very characteristic aroma of cinnamon, which is used in many of the festivities of the people here, cinnamon buns are often People use tea with afternoon tea, coffee or in a banquet party, the smell of Kanelbullar cake as the story helps intimate, warmer.

Eggplant salad wedges

As a popular seafood dish, caviar salad is one of the best specialties in Sweden. Ingredients for making this dish is to use meat and caviar to mix with a special sauce made from milk, cheese, vegetables and then eat with bread, this is The unique dish that can be used as an appetizer can also make late night dishes very sensible, the caviar salad sandwich that is served with a glass of cold beer is delicious.


Meatball_a traditional dish in Sweden - Source: vemaybaydidulichlyon.blogspot
Meatball_a traditional dish in Sweden – Source: vemaybaydidulichlyon.blogspot

Meatball or Kottbullar means “round”. The meat here after processing, the shredded will be chopped and rounded. Depending on the preferences of each family that have different ways of processing meatballs so it also has many different flavors for diners to choose. You can add the onion to the meatballs, but you can add a few other ingredients to the rich, rich, yet processed in any way, this meat still retains the delicious aroma and sweetness.

Beverages in Sweden

In Sweden there are many different beverages, but Akavavit is still the most popular in the area. It is not just a normal wine, it is also a tradition, a cultural symbol of Sweden. Here there are special dishes that do not enjoy, sipping and wine, it is bland and like losing half the deliciousness. But one thing to keep in mind when using alcohol here is that you should not buy alcohol before 13:00 in the bar or on Sunday because it is a taboo of this country, The driver here is also subject to a very heavy penalty, you should remember this.

Hasselback roast potato

Hasselback roast potato - Source: baomoi
Hasselback roast potato – Source: baomoi

Hasselback roast potato called after the name of the restaurant that created this type of baked potato, the potatoes will be piecemeal, not cut off, then peeled on the surface of Each potato cut a layer of butter, add a little salt before putting the potatoes in the oven, wait for 15-20 minutes until the potatoes turn brownish brown. For this method of grilling, you will have potatoes with crispy crust outside but the inside is still soft, smooth in the smell of butter and a little salty of salt is great, this is also rated as One of the most popular dishes in Sweden.


Cheese is one of the most popular foods in countries all over the world, with a wide range of flavors and flavors, but there is a unique cheesecake that is only available in Burtrask, Sweden. Excellent taste, it is hard cheese. This type of cheese has thousands of small holes surrounded by medium hardness, which are often used in royal dishes and royal menus.


Bread in Sweden
Bread in Sweden

In addition to the delicious dishes of the sea, elaborate processing and demanding, simple bread made from whole grains such as wheat, barley is very popular here because it is simple but still. One of them is bread. Bread here is also processed in a variety of ways to create variety and richness, draw attention and create more choices for diners such as thin bread, hard bread, dairy numbness and lots of other flavors.

Grilled reindeer stewed with juniper berries and rich cream sauce

The reindeer meat used to make stew meat with stewed parmesan cheese and delicious cream sauce is also an indispensable dish in Swedish cuisine.

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