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Blooming cherry season in Japan

Japan is rated as one of the “must-visit” tourist attractions in 2017, according to the Business Insider. This beautiful country attracts tourists with not only its stunning landscapes but its unique and mysterious culture.

1. The relevant time to travel Japan

  • Being a temperate country, it is very hot in the summer and quite cold in the winter so that following to the experienced tourists, the spring and autumn are the most appropriate time to travel Japan.
  • The cherry blossom season is the great time highly recommended for tourists to visit. At that time, coming to Japan, visitors will have opportunity to watch the stunning scenery of cherry blossom flying in the wind and savor some sake with traditional Japanese dishes. It will be an unforgettable experience in your Japan trip. The period from the ending of March to the middle of April (basing on the weather each year) is the cherry blossom time. It is note that cherry blossom growing in the south will flower earlier than the one growing in the north.

    Blooming cherry blossom season in Japan
    Blooming cherry blossom season in Japan
  • The time from October to early November is also the great time to visit to Japan. Traveling Japan in this time, travelers will not only enjoy cool and pleasant atmosphere but admire the unique scenery that the whole north-south area of Japan will be immersed in the glamorous red because of red Japanese maples. The Japanese often enjoy the compelling scenery and take photos in this time.
  • If loving with Japan’s firework culture, travelers should choose summer (from the end of July to August) to visit this beautiful country. There are many amazing firework festivals held at that time. Some websites such as Wikipedia – Hanabi Taikai, Matsuri-guide are good sites providing the information of firework festivals in Japan.

    2. Japan’s tourist attractions

  • Temples in three cultural centers: Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.
  • Garden houses and bonsai farms
  • Mount Fuji and cherry blossom park

    Mount Fuji and cherry blossom park in Japan
    Mount Fuji and cherry blossom park in Japan
  • The Kawachi Fuji tunnel in Fukuoka.
  • Gokayama ancient village and Zao Kitsune village in Miyagi
  • Hokkaido lavender paddy
  • The Tottori Sand Dunes in Chugoku
  • Shiratani Unsuikyo Canyon
  • Sagano bamboo forest in the northwest of Kyoto.
  • Hitachi Park in Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Tokyo DisneySea: this is the pride of the Japanese- the premier entertainment area in Japan with seven entrances. This amusement space consists of many topics such as Discovery Port, Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon, Delta River, Mystery Island and so on.
  • Tokyo Disneyland: this park draws attention of the large number of tourists all over the world. Coming to Tokyo Disneyland, travelers will have opportunity to disguise into famous Disney characters and play along with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, ect. Besides, visitors can also taste many famous Japanese foods there.
  • Tokyo Summerland: this water park includes many interesting and unique games. It also covers the entertainment spaces for children with many attractive activities.
  • Yomuriland park: it is a well-known entertainment park, especially suitable for family vacation. There are five different types of gliders: Bowwow Coaster, Coaster SL, White Canyon, Coaster and Bandit.
  • In addition, there are many famous amusement parks visitors can take visits for example: Nara Dreamland, Space World, Hanayashiki, Namco Namja Town, Universal Studios and so on.

    3. Famous Japanese dishes

Fresh foods, noodles, cakes and soups are the characteristics of Japanese cuisine.

  • Sushi: it is an indispensable dish in the Japanese meals, in particular on Japanese’s traditional holidays. This dish is colorful and has tasty flavors. The main ingredients of sushi are tuna, shrimp, cucumber, squid and fries eggs.
  • Sukiyaki: this is the famous Japanese dish, featuring domestic cuisine of this country. This dish is cooked directly on the dinner table via processing with thin beef sliced along with vegetables, tofu and noodles.
  • Tempura: this dish is the typical dish of Japan. Although tempura is created after the introduction of sushi, it has a delicious taste with typical flavors that the Japanese love. Tempura is fried in vegetable oil after being rolled in the mixture of egg, water and flour along with shrimp, fish and vegetables.
  • In addition, visitors can enjoy the other popular dishes of Japan such as Sashimi, Kaiseki Ryori, Yakitori, Tonkatsu, Shabu-shabu and so on.

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