Jakarta Travel Tips

Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia. Source: timothytiah

Jakarta is the highlight of Indonesian tourism with many interesting tourist sites and tasty dishes.

1. Some renown dishes in Jakarta

Jakarta – the capital of Indonesia is a tourist attraction captivating travelers since not only this city is the heart of Indonesia but it is home to many delicious dishes as well. Rending sambal , Nasi, satay, ketoprak, Nasi Kuning are some popular dishes in Jakarta that travelers should taste.

  • Rendang Sambal: It is the typical dish of the Minangkabao ethnic group, a dish travelers should not miss out. It looks like carry at first glance but actually they are not similar. The beef is cooked with coconut milk and spicy for a few hours in order that all materials are tender, soft and blended together. This dish includes some accompanying spices such as shallots, galangal, ginger, chili pepper. There are two types of rendang: wet rendang and dry redang.

    Rendang-sambal _Jakarta
    Rendang-sambal _Jakarta
  • Nasi fried rice: it is one of the most famous dishes in Jakarta. Nasi fried rice is beloved by both the indigenous people and foreign tourists. The rice is fried with tamarind sauce, chili and added eggs, shrimp. The highlight of this unique dish is its slightly sour and spicy taste. This dish is served with vegetables and sauce. In particular, it will be more attractive if being served with cabbage and traditional Indonesian meat.
  • Satay: Satay is a popular dish beloved by many tourists. This dish consists of meats such as pork, beef, chicken which are sliced thinly and sauced with some spices as garlic, onion, honey, peanut powder and then skewered on bamboo sticks and baked. Tasting satay and enjoy its scent after baking and accompanying foods as cucumber salad will be an unforgettable experience for travelers.
  • Ketoprak: This dish is rated as the most popular dish in Jakarta as it is widely sold on the street vendors. It’s main materials consists of noodles, fried tofu, sliced cucumber, rice wrapped in leaves and steamed, sprout. Many dinners said that the best way to enjoy this dish is when eating crackers with sweet peanut sauce.
  • Nasi Kuning: It attracts travelers thanks to its own eye-catching yellow color of turmeric. The rice of Nasi Kuning is cooked with coconut milk and turmeric so it has this beautiful color. This dish is served with fried eggs, coconut milk, spices, fried anchovies and peanuts. It is a very popular breakfast of Indonesian people.

    2. Interesting ways to explore Jakarta

  • Visiting Monas National Monument: Monas National Monument is considered as the symbol of Jakarta, therefore, it is one of the places travelers should not miss out when visiting this city. National History Museum is next to Monas National Monument, presenting the history of the struggles of the locals in the past. Besides, it is also the favorite sites of visitors to taking some photos when visiting to the museum.
  • Visiting Taman Mini Indonesia Indah: Located in East of Jakarta, Taman Mini Indonesia Indal is a culture-based recreational area as well as a very interesting place for travelers to find out more about Indonesian culture. This tourist site is considered as the miniature image of Indonesia with a series of stalls featured in each of provinces in this country. It also includes in several museums. Riding cable car on high, visitors can see the overview of this beautiful park.
  • Playing in DUFAN amusement park: This Jakarta’s recreational area is a favorite park of many children in Indonesia trip. With wide campus, this park offers a variety of games such as roller coaster, swing, roundabout, etc. moreover, this park is a place chosen to hold some interesting festivals of the locals.
  • Visiting the Istiqlal mosque: this mosque is rated as the largest mosque in Indonesia and also the largest one in Southeast Asia, therefore, it is one of the highlight of Jakarta tourism with the charming and unique Gothic architectural style. It is note that tourists should dress politely, which is suitable to the local regulations if wanting to visit inside of the mosque.
  • Strolling around Jakarta’s streets: if you are a big fan of antiques, strolling around Surabaya streets in Jakarta in the evening is great idea for you. There are many antique shops available on both sides of Surabaya streets.

Besides Bali, Jakarta is a tourist attraction worth to experience once in Indonesia. Hope that these above travel tips will be helpful for your coming Jakarta trip.

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