Traveling Mongoria


Mongolia is gradually becoming a newly and great destination for tourists who like to discover new things and experience the nomadic life of the local people in the vast prairie. Mongolia is bordered by the Russian Federation to the north and China to the south, east and west. This country owns a large area but its number of population is only 3 million people so that Mongolia has become the country with the world’s lowest population density. Most of Mongolia’s land is prairies, hills and deserts that cannot be planted.

1. The best time for traveling Mongolia

The period from May to the beginning of October is the time to travel Mongolia. In particular, July is the ideal time for exploring Mongolia since its weather is quite cool and pleasant; however, it is also the time almost Mongolia’s attractions are crowed and lack of accommodation. The good time to visit Gobil desert is from September to October, however, it should be noted that storms and snows often appear suddenly in October and the weather is quite cold at that time. The temperature of Gobil desert in the summer is 40 Celsius degrees but in the time between April and June, visitors still have chance to catch some frozen lakes.

2. Mongolia’s destinations

  • Gobil desert: this is the great attraction of Mongolia that draws attention of the large number of tourists annually. This is an interesting site for those who really want to experience and explore the exciting daily life of the locals living in Mongolian savannah. Gobi Desert possesses not only large sand dunes stretching out to endless but also countless attractive and fancy landscapes. The combination of the vast green prairie and the rocky mountain creates a majestic and romantic beauty for this destination. Discovering the Gobi Desert is a wonderful experience for travelers who have a passion for conquering new lands. Traveling this destination, travelers can not only take part in adventure games such as mountain climbing but also ride a horse and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the area. Thousands of international travelers visit to the vast desert of Gobi annually. Exploring Gobi Desert will definitely give travelers a completely distinctive experience in Mongolia.

    Gobil desert
    Gobil desert
  • Ulan Bator: When traveling in Mongolia, many tourists choose the capital Ulan Bator for the first stop-over. It possesses majestic mountains and beautiful architecture appealing to any traveler. Located on the banks of the Tuul River, Ulan Bator – the capital of Mongolia is surrounded by majestic mountains, pine-covered hills, vast public square, prominent Buddhist architecture and busy markets all night long. All created a charm and rustic Ulan captivating travelers. Visiting to Ulan Bator, travelers will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful architecture such as Gadan monastery or enjoy the park in the city. Ulan Bator is the ideal site for visitors learn about the unique cuisine and traditional culture of Mongolia.

    Ulan Bator- the capital of Mongolia
    Ulan Bator- the capital of Mongolia
  • Altay Mountains: it is one of the three most beautiful and majestic mountains in Mongolia. The range stretches 900 km from the northwest to the south of Mongolia. It is upstream of large rivers such as the Irtysh River, Obi. “Golden Mountain” is considered the second name of Altay Mountain because “Altay” is translated by the Mongolian people with a similar meaning as “Golden”. The Altay Mountain is a favorite place for natural lovers and adventure lovers, in particular for those who love mountain climbing games. The high mountains of the Altay range are the destinations of many professional climbers. Therefore, the Altay Mountains captivates many professional mountaineers in the world. Coming to Altay area, visitors will experience an extremely peaceful, quiet space, helping visitors to dispel the tiredness of living in harmony with nature but equally majestic nature. In order to conquer the majestic peaks, travelers should prepare themselves for good health. This new experience will bring out the fascinating side of your Mongol journey.

    Altay Mountain, Mongolia
    Altay Mountain, Mongolia
  • In addition, travelers can visit many other interesting places such as the statue of Emperor Genghis Khan riding a 40m high steel horse mounted on a 10m high pedestal, statue of Buddha Cao Cao 26.5m in Gandan Monastery; see the performance of the national troupe “Tumen Ekh,” or the nature museum – which stores two complete dinosaur skeletons found in the Gobil desert.

    Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia - Gandan Monastery
    Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia – Gandan Monastery

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