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Padang is a new tourist destination of Indonesian tourism; however, this city still attracts the huge number of visitors thanks to its interesting and unique points. Some tourist attractions such as Bukittinggi, Sianok canyon, Anai Valley, Mentawai Island are highlights of Padang tourism that travelers should not miss out.

1. Padang overview

Located in the western Sumatra, Padang city is known as a port city in the colonial period and at the present, it is an exciting place blending between beautiful nature and interesting culture. The majority of Penang’s population is the Minangkabau, a native of Malaysia, also known as Minang. The curved and pointed roofs are features of their unique architectural style.


Padang city at night - Source: Tokotaki
Padang city at night – Source: Tokotaki 

Padang has an ancient city – where you can admire the colonial Dutch architecture, located along the line Muara busy colorful boats. The beautiful Sitti Nurbaya Bridge crosses the river like a lovely silk strip, with brilliant colors by the lamps. The atmosphere is extremely peaceful, peaceful. Besides the Minang people, the minority of the population is Chinese. Padang is also China town with the Confucius Temple – the origin of the Chinese. Out on the city’s edge, you’ll find beaches, but do not expect to find a resort for sunbathing. As mentioned above, this city is dominated by conservative Islamic culture, many are unhappy to see the sea go too liberal in the hot bikini on the beach. If you want to enjoy the warm sunshine, immense blue sea, you should go to Bali.

Padang cuisine (Masakan Padang) can be called unique and has spread all over the country. You just sit down and enjoy the snacks. You only pay for the food you eat, the rest is taken away. All dishes have fixed ingredients: Gulai (curry), lado (chili) and Bareh (rice). The interplay between India and the Middle East has brought Padang cuisine unique flavor that can not be confused.

2.Top attracting tourist destinations of Padang in Indonesia

  • Bukittinggi

This site is one of the most attracting tourist places in Padang that visitors must take a visit. Bukitinggi is the cultural center of Western Sumatra and in the past this land was a Dutch colony. At the present, it is the center of woodcarving, silver, embroidery and hand-woven crafts. Being close to Bukittinggi, Kota Gadang is well-known for its silver jewelry and hand embroidery. It is also famous for a large ancient house built in the 19th century with very beautiful architecture.

Bukittinggi of Padang city _ Indonesia _ Source: Trippy
Bukittinggi of Padang city _ Indonesia _ Source: Trippy
  • Ngarai Sianok

Located on the outskirts of Bukittinggi, Sianok canyon (also known as Ngarai Sianok) is a steep and deep gorge with 100-150m in dept, surrounded by a green valley with a meandering river. Sihanouk canyon is not only the pride of the Sumatra people, but also the most popular attraction in Padang drawing the attentions of the huge number of visitors.

Ngarai Sianok _Padang _source: Vacation Bali Indonesia
Ngarai Sianok _Padang _source: Vacation Bali Indonesia
  • Anai valley

The Anai valley deserves being a natural masterpiece that Mother Nature gives to Padang. The bottom area of the valley is tropical jungle, nature reserve creates a green and pristine environment. The Anai River looks like a snake bending around the forest. In the jungle there is also a waterfall of over 40m, creating a majestic and impressive natural setting.

  • Mentawai Island

The four small islands that form the Mentawai Islands cluster include Siberut, Sipora, Pagai Utara and Pagai Selatan. The lives of people on the island remain very separate from the outside world. Siberut is famous for its primeval forests, including some of its plants and animals. The coral reef offshore is also a popular attraction.

3.How to find the accommodations and reach to Padang

From Jakarta or Medan, travelers can fly to Padang. Domestic flights are very affordable.

From Medan or Toba Tigers, the bus can become your moving vehicle. However, the road is quite long and the road quality is not very good, so the airplane is usually better choice.

With just $ 6-8, visitors can find a great homestay or homestay. It is advisable for you to book in time. Although Padang less tourists visit, the accommodation is also less and hence faster than. Make sure that when booking, do not confuse Padang with Padang Padang and Padang Bai.

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