Top 10 Foods You Cannot Miss In Macau

Macanese food - Source: splendidtable

Due to being the former Portuguese colonial possession for centuries, Macau’s culture and cuisine were influenced by Portuguese cuisine in particular and Western cuisine in general. The combination of two cultures makes up the most famous foods in Macau that travelers coming to this can hardly deny.

Egg tart

Egg tart _ Source: thatfoodcray
Egg tart _ Source: thatfoodcray

Being a dish originated in Portugal, thanks to the creative process in making this cake and adding ingredients, egg tart has become a popular dish in Macau cuisine. A layer of thick powder is used as the cover of the cake. And it is filled with a beautiful smooth golden egg cream. Tasting this cake, travelers will feel the aroma and greasy taste of butter combining with the crust of the outer shell and caramel. It is really amazing. That is the reason why this cake is rated as one of the most attractive dishes in Macau.


Serradura, meaning “sawdust”, is also known as Macau’s pudding. This pudding is made from sweet and crunchy crackers that have been cut into small chips like sawdust. Then, it is put into a cup and covered with a layer of ice cream, condensed milk, chocolate or vanilla, depending on the preferences of each diner. This dish is cool and so delicious. This pudding can be easily find anywhere from luxury restaurants to street vendors in Macau.

Macau pork chop bun

Macau pork chop buns_Source story.tourders
Macau pork chop buns_Source story.tourders

Like the people in other Asian countries, Macau people are very fond of bread, especially delicious pork chop bun. The bread with a crispy crust and soft inside is put together with piece of pork marinated and fried carefully. It makes the bread have a distinctive taste that cannot be mistaken with other street foods in Macau.

Seafood rice

Because of being formerly a Portuguese colonial possession, it is not hard to know the reason why Macau’s cuisine is affected by this country. One of the representative dishes is seafood rice. This dish is the perfect combination of rice with different seafood such as shrimp, clams, squid, etc. It makes extremely attractive flavor for the dish. Seafood rice is also an indispensable food in the daily meals of the Macao people.

Black garlic chocolate in Macau

Black garlic chocoball - Source Chocablog
Black garlic chocoball – Source Chocablog

Have you ever heard about the combination of chocolate and black garlic with the effective uses in the anti-aging process? Coming to Macau, travelers will have chance to taste this prefect “combination”. It is a unique, delicious and healthy product. Black garlic chocolate is a famous specialty in Macau.

Shrimp Tartat

Shrimp Tartat is a traditional dish in Macau cuisine. It is not too difficult to make the tartat but it requires a thorough and careful processing. The shrimp selected to make this dish must be a large and fresh shrimp to ensure the quality of the dish.

Noodles with eggs and shrimp 

Noodles with eggs and shrimp Source Youtube
Noodles with eggs and shrimp Source Youtube

It is one of the “must-taste” dishes in Macau that travelers should not skip when visiting to this city. Its strong taste and eye-catching color will make you unforgettable. This delicious dish will be a perfect choice for dinner of any visitor coming to there.

Steamed milk pudding

Steamed milk pudding with some dried nuts is a sweet menu for tourists when traveling Macau. In particular, it can be enjoyed in both hot and cold weather. This smooth and soft pudding brings an amazing felling for dinners. This is one of the most popular dishes in Macau that most guests are easily conquered when having chance to taste it.

Crab porridge 

Crab porridge - Source: Vkeong
Crab porridge – Source: Vkeong

Being a popular dish for not only the people of Macau but the Asian people as well, porridge is considered as an effective and delicious medicine when getting cold. There are many different kind of porridges and the best one is crab porridge. The combination of porridge and fresh crab meat creates a sweet and greasy taste. This is the most favorite dish in Macau.

Biscuits with almonds

The combination of soft biscuits with almonds has created a very perfect cake that make any tourists satisfied. It is biscuits with almonds – the cake having natural sweet taste mixed with attractive taste of bean powder in the shell.

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