Alluring and Famous Islets of Halong Bay

When it comes to Halong Bay, almost everyone think about it as one of new 7 wonders of nature worldwide or a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the compelling and majestic beauty. Possessing more than 1,000 islets and islands with amazing caves and the diversity of flora and fauna , Halong Bay is an attraction travelers must definitely choose to explore in Vietnam. Some alluring islets in this bay listed in below will be useful for a Halong trip.

  1. Bo Hon Islet:

    Being one of the popular islets in Halong Bay that are usually mentioned in many Halong Bay tours in recent years, Bo Hon Islet always bring the memorial moments for travelers while exploring it. Located in the center of the bay, Bo Hon Islet is surrounded by many islets that is home to many renown caves as Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Tien cave, Trinh Nu cave. Coming to this beautiful islet, visitors will be immersed in a harmony and poetry paint with the pristine wilderness, vertical cliffs, fresh air and clear beach.

  2. Tip Top Islet:

    Almost journey exploring the famous islets of Halong Bay do not dispense Tip Top Islet. Located approximately 7- 8 kilometers from the Southeast of Bai Chay Port, Tip Top islet with crescent shape is also one of well-known stopover of Halong bay, attracting many tourists. The highlights of this islet are stunning beach embracing the islet, smooth sand and clear blue water.

  3. Co To island:

    Situated in the east of Van Don Island, Co To island owns dreamlike beaches that are wild and romantic. This island’s tourism has been developed for few years, therefore, there are many international standard hotels or restaurants built in Co To island. However, home-stay, a type of accommodation that has long been set in the island, is still common since it is close to nature.

  4. Quan Lan Island:

    Listed in the the list of renown islands of Ha Long Bay, Quan Lan island owns a very attractive and unique beauty. Quan Lan island, belonging to the large archipelago of Bai Tu Long Bay, stretches from the foot of Van Don Mountain to Mount Got. Son Hao beach and Minh Chau beach are the famous beaches of this island. in particular, Quan Lan island also owns many valuable historical attractions worth to take a visit.

  5. Soi Sim Island:

    Soi Sim Island is a small island nestled in the western of Halong Bay but it is still a popular tourist destination thanks to its wild and compelling nature. Fresh and peaceful atmosphere, alluring and pristine beaches that have not been explored by humans, all make this beautiful island become a suitable destination for nature lovers.

  6. Tuan Chau Island:

    It is about 2 kilometers from the Tuan Chau island to the city center. Tuan Chau Tourist Resort is surrounded by rolling hills and white sandy beaches stretching for 2 kilometers. There are many high-class restaurants, hotels as well as attractive entertainment services available to serve for tourists.

Visiting to Halong Bay, tourists will be impressed with its immense space; clear and blue water; unique and stunning islets; white sand beach stretching along the foot of limestone mountains. All the advantages of charming natural landscapes and friendly local people help Halong Bay become one of the top tourist destinations of Vietnam.

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