10 Top-Rated Dishes in India

Indian cuisine has a characteristic in the use of spices for cooking, especially the use of chili pepper. Almost Indian dishes are very spicy. Each region and region in India has different cooking methods and techniques to create regional culinary styles. However, it still reflects the very common features of the culinary culture of this country. That creates distinctive culinary art that is unique to India. Learning the best-known foods in India is great way to understand well about the things.


Being one of the traditional and familiar dishes of the Indians, Naan bread is very popular in this country. Ingredients for making this bread simply includes wheat flour and yeast. These ingredients will be blended together and then formed this soft, flexible mixture into thin, flat pancakes. Naan bread has a very light taste so that it will be served with cheese and curry to have more taste.

Masala Dosa

As the most popular dish served in the Indian breakfast, Masala Dosa is a cake made with fermented rice flour mixed with lentils and potatoes. First of all, the fermented rice flour will be poured onto a cast iron pan to have a thin and tough layer. Next, potatoes and fried onion will be put in the layer and then slowly roll the layer and cut it into small pieces to enjoy. This cake is rated as one of the most attractive dishes in India.

Biriyani rice

Biriyani rice is a popular Indian rice dish served with meat such as chicken or lamb and various vegetables such as spinach, beans, cinnamon, coriander and saffron. The bright and aromatic Biriyani rice is a key component to determine how delicious this dish is. Biriyani rice is one of the best Indian specialties travelers should not miss when visiting this country.


Thali is a popular dish in India that is available at any restaurant or stall in this nation. This dish includes rice, Naan bread, curry beans, potatoes, sugar-free yogurt and a few other ingredients to make this dish have a strong and distinct taste. This dish is put in a tray with many bowls that make it look very attractive.

Masala tea

With its long formation, Masala tea is actually one of the most popular drinks in India. The process making this tea is quite sophisticated. The milk must be cooked in a large pot and added sugar and a little water to make it smooth. In particular, this tea has spicy taste of ginger so that the tea in India has a special taste – the combination of the sweetness of the milk, the fragrant aroma of tea and the spicy taste of ginger. Masala tea is preferred to coffee or soft drinks in India.

Fish curry

Curry is always one of the most popular dishes in India. In this country, all ingredients can be cooked into many kinds of curries with different colors and flavors. One of the best curries is fish curry made from fish head of Ikan merah, a kind of red snapper in India with very fragrant flesh. Fish curry is usually served with hot rice, Papadams- a crunchy rice and Indian pickles.

Salad mixed with soy yoghurt in India

This dish sounds relatively unfamiliar to the people of other parts of the world but it is a popular dish of the Indians. This dish is made out of soy yogurt and different vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, tomato, onion, pineapple, coriander, mint, papaya … to mix together to form the typical salad. It is also considered to be one of the delicious delicacies in India.


Vada is compared like hamburger of the Indians and it is also a popular fast food in this nation. This dish is simply a sandwich with crushed potatoes mixed with Indian spices. Formerly, Vada was the dish for only the poor or the homeless. However, the appeal of this food captivates the elite and the rich over time.

Gulab Jamun cake in India

Gulab Jamun milk cake is one the most delicious and greasy cakes in India because the ingredients making this cake is mainly milk mixed with powder. The cake will be rolled over with syrup and a bit of rose water to make the taste more attractive.

Josh rogan

Josh rogan is made with genuine lamb but actually, it is often made with goat meat since it is more widely available than mutton. This dish is cooked with red sauce made from Kashmir peppers and essence extracted from the cockscomb, making the dish becomes attractive and beautiful by the red of curry. This dish is famous in the west of India as the local people can eat very spicy foods.

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