10 Top Popular Delicacies In Saudi Arabia

Arabic food - Source: village_bakery

Saudi Arabia is not only famous as a Muslim country with a lavish, splendid temple but also famous for its unique cuisine with many features of the Middle East. The people of Saudi Arabia attach great value to foods as their sacred cultural heritage. Meat, cereal, milk and special spices are the main aliments to make their delicious and unique dishes. Tasting all of the best foods in Saudi Arabia is one of the things visitors should do on the Saudis travel itinerary.

Shish tawook

Shish tawook - Source: strongertogether.cop
Shish tawook – Source: strongertogether.cop

Shish tawook is a traditional dish that is loved by the Arab people. This dish is simply white bread served with grilled chicken but it is very attractive and has strange taste. The white bread is cut into small slices and sprinkled on a tomato sauce along with potatoes, onions and cucumbers to make a nutritious meal. This is also considered as one of the most delicious foods in Saudi Arabia.


Shawarmas is actually a very eye-catchy and attractive bread roll of Arabian people. It captivates not only local people but foreign tourists as well. The outer layer of this dish is white bread and the inside is different meats such as chicken, minced lamb mixed with spices and vegetable. This bread is cut into small chunks and served with tahini sauce – a thin, Arabian-style sauce to taste. This dish will give visitors a very special feel between the plastic, the aroma of white bread with the sweet, sweet fat of the meat or the freshness of the vegetable salad to make customers eat it. Therefore, Shawarmas bread is a must-have dish in Saudi Arabia.


Kabsa - Source: Wikipedia
Kabsa – Source: Wikipedia

Kabsa is one of the most distinctive and sophisticated dishes of the Arabs, and by its very essence it has created a diet rich in nutrients as well as protein that is extremely good for health. Kabsa is a dish consisting of rice and meat used in various ingredients such as black pepper, cloves, saffron, cinnamon and lemon to make the dish more bold and attractive.


Hummus is one of the most famous Arabian dishes; it is used quite a lot in the dishes. The main ingredients for making Hummus sauce are chickpea, olive oil, lime juice, tahini sauce and garlic, all of which are cooked together until soft to form a thick mixture. The sauce, which is served with bread and baked potatoes, is delicious cat. This is one of the delicious specialties in Saudi Arabia that you should not miss when visiting this country.


Date - Source: share.america.gov
Date – Source: share.america.gov

Being a delicious specialty of Saudi Arabia, dates are one of the snacks that you must taste when you arrive in this country. The dough is large, round, very attractive, its taste is sweet but not dull, like the date bags were packed in Vietnam. Here is also packed in pretty bags and you can also choose it as a gift to family and friends after a long trip away.

Camel milk chocolate

The unique and perfect combination of chocolate and camel milk has created a very impressive product in Saudi Arabia, camel milk chocolate. It has a sweet taste of camel milk, has a slightly taste. The bitterness of chocolate makes this dish extremely strange.


Tea and date in Saudi Arabian Source blog.radissonblu
Tea and date in Saudi Arabian – Source: blog.radissonblu

If you come to Saudi Arabia, you will find it hard to find soft drinks or carbonated drinks, but it is easy to find the tea house with herbs because it is a familiar drink of the people here. Tea is used for many occasions or gatherings family and friends. One thing you should keep in mind when going to Saudi Arabia is that even if you do not know how to drink tea, but when you are invited you should hold and sip a drink or the Arabs will feel as if you are being offended. It is a very bad thing.


Fata is actually a combination of a variety of vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, onions, vegetables and of course indispensable chopped meat. First, potatoes and eggplant will be cleaned and cut into circular pieces and then fried in olive oil, then onions, beef in pan stirred, seasoned tastes are very rich and pour sauce Place the tomatoes on top, boil for a few minutes, turn off the stove, then add eggplant and potatoes and add yogurt, add garlic and lemon juice, then mix well you have fata. It’s delicious. This is one of the must try dishes in Saudi Arabia.

Arabian style deep-fried rice 

Arabian style deep-fried rice - Source: Onionin
Arabian style deep-fried rice – Source: Onionin

At first glance through this dish you will feel very ordinary because it looks very similar to rice dishes mixed with the Vietnamese but when you taste it you know how delicious and attractive, because of rice Deep-fried Arabian spices are the most different spices are spicy so the dish is both fragrant, pungent and very characteristic.

Falafel in Saudi Arabia 

Falafel is actually Arabian fried dish whose main ingredient is chicken and fava beans are minced into small rounds and then fried for chopped gold. Falafel has a nutty flavor of bean, the fatty taste of chicken curry in the flavor of other spices makes a difference to the dish. The Arabs often use Falafel along with sandwish and sauces to make the dish more attractive.

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