Top 10 Foods You Cannot Miss In Macau

Due to being the former Portuguese colonial possession for centuries, Macau’s culture and cuisine were influenced by Portuguese cuisine in particular and Western cuisine in general. The combination of two cultures makes up the most famous foods in Macau that travelers coming to this can hardly deny.

Egg tart

Egg tart _ Source: thatfoodcray
Egg tart _ Source: thatfoodcray

Being a dish originated in Portugal, thanks to the creative process in making this cake and adding ingredients, egg tart has become a popular dish in Macau cuisine. A layer of thick powder is used as the cover of the cake. And it is filled with a beautiful smooth golden egg cream. Tasting this cake, travelers will feel the aroma and greasy taste of butter combining with the crust of the outer shell and caramel. It is really amazing. That is the reason why this cake is rated as one of the most attractive dishes in Macau.

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