10 Top Foods Good for Gymers

Fish is a golden food for gymers_Source photo.elsoar

Scientific studies have shown that successful gymers must always supplement their body with high protein, fatty and protein foods.  This article will introduce to the The best food for the gymers in order that the gymers refer and adjust their diet accordingly to get the results you expect.



Red meat in general and beef in particular are rich in ammonia, which is good for your health. Meanwhile, beef also contains many vitamins B6, B12, protein and substances such as magnesium, zinc to enhance immunity, increase the efficiency of insulin metabolism to restore the body after work with intensity. Especially, it is good for those who attend the gym. Beef also has anti-cancer and some other dangerous germs. Therefore, beef is one of the most nutritious foods for “gymers”.


Eggs, especially egg yolks, are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamin A that help develop muscle. Each egg yolk usually contains 5 to 6 grams of protein so that bodybuilders can eat 2 to 3 egg yolks per day to quickly recover their health.


Some nuts
Some nuts

One of the foods that bodybuilders should not overlook in their daily meals is the nuts because it contains a significant amount of calories that will help reduce and limit the feeling of hunger. Therefore, it is the ideal food for gym people to eat before and after workouts. Walnuts and almonds, which are in list of those nuts, are rich in protein, fiber, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids that help improve muscle and support digestion. It is the most nutritious food for the gymer.

Chicken meat

Chicken meat is one of the types of meat that provides the body with high levels of protein because every 100g of chicken will provide up to 31g of protein with only 4 grams of fat so it is beneficial for muscle growth, especially those who is in the process of bodybuilding. In addition, the amino acid compounds present in chicken have a positive effect on the brain, helping to promote hypersensitivity, reduce anxiety, improve blood pressure and stabilize heart rate throughout training.

Sugar beet 

Sugar beet - Source: Baomoi
Sugar beet – Source: Baomoi

Sugar beet is a golden food for the “gymers” because sugar beet contains important compounds that help relieve arthritis and muscle pain, and it also helps in the transfer of nutrients. To faster muscles, digestive support works better than most bodybuilders who suffer from peptic ulcer disease abuse, the use of beet juice before and after exercise bring to high efficiency.


Beans such as white beans, green beans, black beans, soybeans … contain high levels of protein as well as amino acids and vitamins and nutrients for the body. Scientific studies have shown that every 100g of soybeans contain 30 to 40 g of protein with all the essential amino acids, lysine, methionine, valium, which provide plenty of energy for the body to function. So this is the best food for the gym.


Fish - Source: 123RF
Fish – Source: 123RF

Fish is an effective muscle-enhancing supplement with few foods, in which fish can provide more protein, omega 3 fatty acids are salmon, sturgeon, or cod. Substances found in these fishes will help the athlete avoid strokes when over-stimulated, while helping to protect the heart’s system, accelerate metabolism, and help strengthen muscles.

Leaf cabbage

Leaf cabbage or kale  contains a high content of manganese, iron, vitamin A, C, and fiber, which will help us fight disease, quickly recover from myalgia, help reduce hunger. It is good for dieters and gymers.

Sweet potato 

Sweer potato - Source: Khoailangmat
Sweer potato – Source: Khoailangmat

Sweet potato is a cheap and popular food. It contains vitamin C, manganese, fiber, B6, as well as potassium, a good mineral for cardiovascular health, stabilizing blood pressure and reducing muscle wasting during training.


Bananas contain a compound called “carb” that helps the body to quickly recover glycogen levels and regenerate damaged muscles during exercise. At the same time eating bananas at breakfast or before training will help prevent muscle deterioration and provide energy quickly. In addition, eating bananas daily helps digestion work well, enhance memory, support and soothe the nervous system during high intensity exercise.

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