10 Top Best Foods For The Liver

Avocado - Photo: aFamily

Located to the right of the abdomen, under the diaphragm, liver is one of the largest organs in the human body, filtering the blood before letting the blood feed the body. Therefore, in order to keep your liver healthy, providing the best food for the liver is very important and necessary.

Green vegetables

Broccoli- Photo: eatrightontario
Broccoli-  Good food for brains and liver – Photo: eatrightontario

Green vegetables are not only a good food for brains, but good for the liver as well. They improve the ability of detoxification of liver because green vegetables is rich in chlorophylls, which is a substance that helps liver neutralize heavy metals, chemicals and other bad chemicals for the body such as pesticides. Using these vegetables will help remove toxins in the blood and protect the liver function.


Apple - Photo: Hotaagro
Apple – Photo: Hotaagro

Apple is a fruit that is quite popular because it is very sweet and delicious. Besides, apple is also a nutritional food for the liver because this fruit contains pectin compounds that can help eliminate heavy metals, which are not good from the body; minimize the excretion of toxins for the liver, helping the liver to work without overloading; and remove the bad fat for the liver, preventing liver from a dangerous disease – “Fatty liver “. This will help the liver treat the toxins which put on the body in the best way.


Grapefruit - ideal fruit for liver
Grapefruit – ideal fruit for liver

Grapefruit is high in vitamins and antioxidants; therefore this fruit helps the hepatic filtration process work extremely well. Drinking a glass of grapefruit juice everyday will give you a healthy liver and healthy body.


Turmeric bowl-Photo: mnn
Turmeric bowl-Photo: mnn

Turmeric is one of the most nutritious foods for the liver because it contains an active enzyme that helps detoxify the liver, stimulate the liver to work well, eliminate toxins from the liver and cleanse the digestive system. Using turmeric in daily meals or using turmeric starch with warm water and honey to drink in the morning when you wake up and the evening before going to bed will not only help have a healthy liver but also help women have a healthy skin without acne.


Artichoke tea - Photo: vietnambeautytalk
Artichoke tea – Photo: vietnambeautytalk

Using artichoke is considered as one of the best treatments for the diseases related to the liver because it contains a substance that helps remove the toxins in the liver and cool off the liver. Artichoke makes the liver healthy and the metabolism of the liver favorable so it improves your skin a lot.


Avocado - Photo: aFamily
Avocado – Good fruit for liver – Photo: aFamily

Like many other fruits, avocado is a very good fruit for liver because this fruit contains a nutrient that helps the body produce glutathione. Glutathione is a substance essential for the metabolism of toxins in the body, limiting the overloading of the liver and protection of liver function. Therefore, avocado is rated as one of the most nutritious foods for the liver.


Lemon - Photo: Sobeys
Lemon – Photo: Sobeys

Like grapefruit, lemon is a fruit high in vitamin C. Vitamin C help the body metabolize toxic substances into a water-soluble form for excretion, to purify the liver and stimulate the body. Moreover, lemon also helps clear the bladder, digestive system and lungs. Drinking a glass of lemon juice daily will help the digestion process work well. That is the reason why lemon is an indispensable food to protect the liver.


Walnuts - Photo: walnuts
Walnuts – Photo: walnuts

Walnut has been known and used widely as a functional food to nourish the body in recent years. Walnuts can help detoxify camomile because it contains high levels of arginine amine, along with the amount of glutathione and omega3 fatty acids that help the detoxification process occur more conveniently. The best way to absorb walnuts is chewing it thoroughly before swallowing or using the walnut reputable branded products now available on the market.


Fresh carrots - Photo: Supplybunny
Fresh carrots – Photo: Supplybunny

Carrot contains a compound called beta-carotene, which promotes health and protects the liver. Absorbing a reasonable amount of carrots a day will help keep you healthy, reduce inflammation in the body, and stabilize blood glucose levels. Meanwhile, carrots also help the digestive process to become easier. For those who have constipation, using pure carrot juice every day is ideal to overcome that condition.


Garlic bulbs - Photo: phz8.petinsurance
Garlic bulbs – Photo: phz8.petinsurance

Garlic is a spice used frequently and quite popular in meals. It not only increases the aroma and appetite of the dishes, but cleanses and boosts blood flow to all possible organs. In particular, garlic contains allicin and selenium, which clean the liver, helping the liver remove the metal toxins and stimulate the liver function and protect the liver.

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