Top 10 best-known dishes in Poland

Poland is a country not only endowed with beautiful natural scenery, but also favored for a diverse and rich cuisine with a unique processing style. Its cuisine is orthodox or imported, but there are very distinct features that are not identical to any other food in this country, where not only Bigos, Golabki or Zurek really conquered diners but also many of the most famous dishes in Poland in the “treasure” cuisine make visitors must be satisfied.


Bigos in Poland - Source: Polandtour
Bigos in Poland – Source: Polandtour

One of the dishes known as the “national soul” that visitors must definitely try to come to Poland is the Bigos. This dish, although not too sophisticated in the way of processing as well as decoration, but the flavor it brought to the enjoyment is indeed very impressive and attractive. Simply chop the meat, sausage chopped with salted pickled cabbage and some other spices such as honey, cinnamon, cloves to create unique flavor for the dish. Bigos sipping the same Polish beer is delicious.

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Top 10 best-selling dishes in Sweden

Sweden is a landlocked country that not only attracts tourists by a beautiful natural painting and unique architecture but also attracts by a unique culinary background. The cuisine here is made entirely of natural ingredients, very familiar with everyday life but the ingenious combination of ingredients has created some of the most famous dishes in Sweden.

Salted herring fish

Salted herring fish - Source: timeoutvietnam
Salted herring fish – Source: timeoutvietnam

Salted herring fish, also known as rotten herring, is a popular Swedish dish. Herring is a nutrient-rich dish made entirely of natural ingredients according to a recipe. special. However, this dish has a slightly unpleasant smell so it is very picky eaters, however overcome the difficulty of “smell” you will find this dish very attractive. The salted herring usually served with bread, boiled potatoes and added with Akavit or beer are extremely palatable. This is one dish that should not be missed in Sweden.

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Top well-known dishes in Australia

Australia is famous for its sun-drenched beaches, the people are extremely cute, and the food is delicious and diverse. Australian cuisine is renowned for its harmonious blend of different cultures but still retains its distinctiveness. Coming to this beautiful country, travelers do not forget to enjoy these best known Australian foods in below:

1.Lamington cake

The Lamington cake is very popular and popular in Australia. These baked goods are sold all over Australia from restaurants, supermarkets to the most popular pubs and visitors can easily find this type of cake. It is popular and popular with Australians. Since 2006, July 21 has been chosen as National Lamington Day.

Lamington cake - Source: Taste
Lamington cake – Source: Taste

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Traveling Mongoria

Mongolia is gradually becoming a newly and great destination for tourists who like to discover new things and experience the nomadic life of the local people in the vast prairie. Mongolia is bordered by the Russian Federation to the north and China to the south, east and west. This country owns a large area but its number of population is only 3 million people so that Mongolia has become the country with the world’s lowest population density. Most of Mongolia’s land is prairies, hills and deserts that cannot be planted.

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Laos Travel Information

Being one of ASEA nations, Laos is known for its temples with the unique architecture and it also is nicknamed as the “Land of a million elephants”. The most captivating destinations of this country are Luang Prabang, Vientiane- its capital, Vang Vieng town with the breathtaking scenery and many interesting adventure tours. In addition, Plain of Jars- a megalithic archaeological landscape in Phonesavanh (Xiangkhoang Province), Pakse and its surrounding area in the South of Laos are tourist attractions visitors should not miss.

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