Travel Information Of Padang City In Indonesia

Padang is a new tourist destination of Indonesian tourism; however, this city still attracts the huge number of visitors thanks to its interesting and unique points. Some tourist attractions such as Bukittinggi, Sianok canyon, Anai Valley, Mentawai Island are highlights of Padang tourism that travelers should not miss out.

1. Padang overview

Located in the western Sumatra, Padang city is known as a port city in the colonial period and at the present, it is an exciting place blending between beautiful nature and interesting culture. The majority of Penang’s population is the Minangkabau, a native of Malaysia, also known as Minang. The curved and pointed roofs are features of their unique architectural style.


Padang city at night - Source: Tokotaki
Padang city at night – Source: Tokotaki 

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