Top 10 best-known dishes in Poland

Zrayzy in Poland - Source: Linkhay

Poland is a country not only endowed with beautiful natural scenery, but also favored for a diverse and rich cuisine with a unique processing style. Its cuisine is orthodox or imported, but there are very distinct features that are not identical to any other food in this country, where not only Bigos, Golabki or Zurek really conquered diners but also many of the most famous dishes in Poland in the “treasure” cuisine make visitors must be satisfied.


Bigos in Poland - Source: Polandtour
Bigos in Poland – Source: Polandtour

One of the dishes known as the “national soul” that visitors must definitely try to come to Poland is the Bigos. This dish, although not too sophisticated in the way of processing as well as decoration, but the flavor it brought to the enjoyment is indeed very impressive and attractive. Simply chop the meat, sausage chopped with salted pickled cabbage and some other spices such as honey, cinnamon, cloves to create unique flavor for the dish. Bigos sipping the same Polish beer is delicious.


Golabki, also known as cabbage rolls, is a traditional dish that is favored in Poland. Ingredients for making Golabki are extremely simple with pork, onion, minced mushrooms, mixed together with a little bit of real flavor and then wrapped in cabbage leaves before steamed or Fried to enjoy when hot is extremely delicious. Today, in order to get bored, people use lamb or chicken instead of pork. This is considered one of the best delicacies to try in Poland.


Pierogi in Poland - Source: blogs.transparent
Pierogi in Poland – Source: blogs.transparent

Pierogi, although originating in Russia, was introduced to Poland in the Middle Ages, but thanks to its varied and creative ingenuity, this dish was quickly accepted in Poland and became a dish. It is missing in the culinary culture of this beautiful country. The pierogi at first glance looks very similar to the Vietnamese pillow with its outer shell made of powder, the inside of which is made of a mixture of cheese, potatoes, onions, cabbage, mushrooms and Meat, then steamed or fried for the cake.

Zurek Soup

Poland is a country famous for its delicious and unique soups, one of which is the Zurek Soup, a sour soup made from rye, flour, mushrooms, potatoes, The chain and eggs are stewed until they form a paste mixture, which makes the Zurek favorite dish a favorite dish, which is contained in a completely made bowl. From bread to diners, after enjoying all the soup inside, you can enjoy the bread as well. At this moment, the delicious soup is absorbed into the cake making it even more special and sure who has one. Once you taste it, you will never forget the flavor of Zurek soup. This is considered the most impressive dish in Poland.


Zrayzy in Poland - Source: Linkhay
Zrayzy in Poland – Source: Linkhay

Like many other cuisines in their culinary culture, Zrayzy is also a favorite dish not only for the Polish people, but also for the tourists who come here to travel is quickly conquered by it. Main ingredients of Zrayzy include bacon, bread crumbs, mushrooms and cucumbers. Zrayzy dishes are often served with cold cucumber salad.

Kotlet Schabowy

Kotlet Schabowy is a dish with a long and hard to remember name in Poland for anyone who has never been tasted but once you have enjoyed this dish, you will certainly not forget the name. as well as its great taste. Pork chop is simply sliced with thin sliced pork ribs, marinated with salt and pepper, then dipped in beaten eggs and sprinkled with breadcrumbs on toast before being fried in a golden pan.


Chlodnik in Poland- Source: hotdigest
Chlodnik in Poland- Source: hotdigest

Chlodnik is a beetroot soup with brilliant red color that is very eye catching in Poland. This soup is made from ingredients such as sugar beets, cucumber and definitely indispensable flavor of garlic aromatic. This dish is very simple but extremely good for health especially on hot days.

Rosot soup

Just like the beetroot soup, Rosot soup is the favorite chicken soup in Poland, it is also a cold weather meal for the church’s prayers in the people here. The main ingredients for making this chicken soup are onion, leek, coriander, cabbage and of course indispensable chicken with some other raw materials such as salt and pepper. All of them are baked together to create a delicious soup, rich in flavor, chicken soup quickly became the favorite dish in Poland.


Gulasz - Source: pinterest
Gulasz – Source: pinterest

A dish originally from Hungary but quickly received by the Polish people and became a familiar dish of people here. The main ingredient in Gulasz is potatoes, onions, peppers and casserols together until all the raw ingredients ripen together to form a smooth and fine mixture. So enjoy the new hot delicious.


Croissant is one of the popular and familiar cakes of the people here. The main ingredients for making this cake include flour, butter, milk and salt. These ingredients under the talented chef’s hands will soon become a spicy, crispy, crispy croissant in the gut. This is also considered one of the specialty dishes in Poland that many visitors love.

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