10 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Germany

Berlin - the capital of Germany - Source: tune

Located in Central Europe, Germany is a country with the largest population in the Central Europe and it is also the one of the largest economies in the world. Thanks to those things, this nation owns a rich cultural environment due to the large number of immigrants coming to Germany. Moreover, this country also possesses many beautiful landscapes such as Rugen Island, Black Forest, etc. Top-rated tourist attractions in Germany will be showed in this article for referring.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate - Source: touristdestinations
Brandenburg Gate – Source: touristdestinations

Being a symbol of Berlin and the pride of the German people, the Brandenburg Gate is the only one left in many of the gates that were built in Berlin. Located in the Bezirk Mitte district – a central district of the city, this gate is built between 1788 and 1791 under King Friedrich Wilhelm II as a symbol of peace in Germany. Visiting to the Brandenburg Gate, visitors will not only be aware of the history of this legendary gateway but also admire other famous buildings next to it such as Unter den Linden Boulevard. The Brandenburg Gate has become one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Germany.

Black Forest in Germany

Black Forest in Germany - Source: handluggageonly
Black Forest in Germany – Source: handluggageonly

The Black Forest, called the Schwarzwald in Germany, is located in a mountain range in Baden-Württemberg in the southwestern part of Germany, where is home to many of plants. There is a coniferous species grows stronger and higher than other plants in this forest so that the forest is damp and dark all the time, even in the daylight. However, this place still captivates many tourists to come there and explore the mysterious beauty of this forest.

Cologne Cathedral

Aerial view of Cologne, Germany - Source: touropia
Aerial view of Cologne, Germany – Source: touropia

Cologne Cathedral, officially called Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria is a catholic church of Rome where St. Peter and Mary- mother of Jusus. With 157 meters in height, the church is the second tallest church in Germany and the third highest in the world. It owns the ancient European architectural styles and draws the attentions of the large number of domestic tourists and foreign tourists annually.

Museum Island in Berlin

Museum Island in Berlin - Source: wtgglobal
Museum Island in Berlin – Source: wtgglobal

Located on the north side of the Spree River and in the heart of Berlin City, Museum Island has become a popular destination drawing the attention of many international visitors. The museum was built under the Prussian monarchs as an art center for the preservation and collection of precious and valuable historical and archaeological artifacts.

Neuschwanstein castle in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle - Source: weinerelementary
Neuschwanstein Castle – Source: weinerelementary

Built in the reign of King Ludwig II on the site of Schwangau village in southern Germany, Neushwanstein Castle has become one of the most famous ancient castles in Germany – a definitely “must-visit” site in Germany trip. Thanks to its ancient beauty, this castle is used as a sample for the backdrop for the movie “Princess Sleeping in the Castle” which is loved by mnay German audiences.

Konigssee Lake

Konigssee Lake in Germany - Source: berchtesgadener-land
Konigssee Lake in Germany – Source: berchtesgadener-land

Lake Konigssee is located in the Bayern state, close to the border of Austria. The lake is about 7.7 km long with the widest spot in 1.7 km. Most of the lake lies in Berchtesgaden Gua National Park, surrounded by hills with a slope up to 2700m. This place also becomes one of the most ideal tourist destinations in Germany.

Rhein Valley

Rhine Valley - Source: distinctlydeutschland
Rhine Valley – Source: distinctlydeutschland

Rhein Valley is a stretch of the Rhine from Koblenz to Bingen with a length of up to 65 km. This is a very special geology, formed since the Devonian period with the rocks bearing the sedimentary rocks of slate and gradually increased in the coal and in recent years to form the slope of the two sides of the river. With a height of up to 200m, an extremely spectacular image, especially an interesting canyon viewpoint, is Loreley, making the Rhein Valley a tourist spot not to be missed in Germany.

Rugen Island

Rugen Island - Source: croisieurope.travel
Rugen Island – Source: croisieurope.travel

Rugen Island is an island off the coast of Pommern on the Baltic Sea and is the largest island in Germany. The island has an area of 926 square kilometers connected to the mainland by two major roads, railways and roads. Coming to Rugen Island, visitors will admire the magnificent beauty of the bay, the peninsula and the tip of the land protruding with the growth and development of the large oak trees that make up a beautiful Jasmund National Park. It is also because of this, that in June 2011, UNESCO awarded the World Heritage title to Rugen Island, making it the most popular tourist destination in Germany, drawing the attention of international tourists.

Sanssouci Palace

Sanssouci Palace - Source: City discovery
Sanssouci Palace – Source: City discovery

Sanssouci Palace is one of the summer palaces of the time to the former royal palace, located in Potsdam, Germany. The Rococo-style Sanssouci Palace, built between 1745 and 1747, was completed as the resting and relaxing place of King Friedrich II. The palace name is a French word meaning “carefree, not anxious” to refer to a relaxation that does not involve the king himself when he comes to this resort, will no longer care about the government. half. This palace was built on the top of a terraced hilly area with no more than ten rooms, but is furnished in a lavish, luxurious setting. This place is suitable for long stays or for those who prefer peaceful and quite space.

Mainau Island

Mainau Island - Source: Pinterest
Mainau Island – Source: Pinterest

Being an island in the Lake of Bodensee, Mainau Island offers a beautiful view, it is built, maintained and preserved as an island garden with fresh flowers intertwined in the cool green of the trees. green. The island was created by Prince Lennart, where not only has thousands of flowers but also a tropical climate with a lot of butterflies. Mainau Island became one of the most interesting and impressive tourist destinations in Germany.

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